Lake Forest

Basement Services for Lake Forest, IL

There’s just nothing like living on the shore of Lake Michigan. Lake Forest provides you with that beautiful opportunity. As moisture is always present in the community, you need to do what you can to protect your home and avoid the development of foundation problems and wet basements. Reliable Basement Service is here to help you with your Lake Forest home, no matter what kind of property you own.

Crawl Space Problems

If your house is like many others in the region, it has a crawl space under the stairs leading to your basement. The crawl space actually demonstrates signs of foundation problems and water issues sooner than other areas of the basement due to its location and because it doesn’t have paint or other decorative attributes. During your property inspection, Reliable Basement Service will look through the crawl space. If cracks are identified or water exists, the necessary repairs will be made.

Foundation Repairs

Whether there is a crack in the cement foundation of your crawl space or you’ve identified other damaged areas in the basement itself, crack repairs helps add more structural integrity to the building while preventing moisture from finding its way inside.

Now, if your foundation has shifted, wall bracing and foundation underpinning might be the way to go. Ultimately, it depends on your property and what Reliable Basement Service finds to be the problem.

Yard Drainage

A leading problem with the development of basement cracks and shifts in the foundation is how moisture from the outside comes in contact with your home. The best way to be proactive about this is to prevent moisture from forming up around the house in general. Sump pumps and battery back up systems will remove moisture form the surrounding soil and push it to another area of the property.

Basement Waterproofing

The best way to waterproof your basement will differ from other homes in the area. If your house is at greater risk, an exterior waterproofing membrane might be the best way to protect your home. Structural shifts can work as well, including drainage systems for your window wells. If the window wells are problematic for your house, egress window installation might be the best solution.

Interior and exterior drainage systems or new tiles will improve water flow while additional protective coatings on the wall of your basements will assist in preventing moisture from developing.

Whether you live in a large home or a smaller house, Reliable Basement Service is ready to help you with all of your waterproofing and foundation repair needs. So feel free to give the team a call with any of your questions, concerns or if you’re ready to set up an in-home inspection.