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Exterior Waterproofing Membrane at Reliable Basement Services

If you want the most effective waterproofing solution for your foundation, exterior waterproofing is the best choice. However, exterior waterproofing is also one of the most expensive solutions. The best time for exterior and foundation waterproofing is during the renovation, repair, or construction of your home or a commercial building. Reliable Basement prevents water from entering the building or home through the membranes, drain pipes, and grading. By installing a basement waterproofing membrane, we redirect that water to other water lines like roof leaders. Because we handle everything during the excavation process, you won’t ever have to worry. We do the permits, mark-outs, and monitor the areas that we dig. As a special bonus, we will even repair damaged sprinkler lines if they are not marked out.

basement waterproofing membrane

A Complete Solution

An interior drain tile system is a complete solution to control and prevent any type of seepage. They are designed to keep the water table far below the bottom of the basement floor. This controls the capillary action or wicking of water or water vapor on to your basement floor. In the procedure, we open the floor that is along the perimeter foundation walls and install a perforated drain pipe. We surround that drain pipe with washed gravel at the base of the wall then cover it with a filter paper and drain track (pictured below). We then re-pour the concrete floor and clean the basement. With an interior drain tile system, the water will be collected from multiple sources and emptied into a sump pit.

Basement Waterproofing Membrane Takes Us Two Days to Complete

This System Comes With a Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Our Exterior & Basement Waterproofing Membrane Services
  • Exterior foundation membranes
  • Exterior footing drains
  • Exterior surface drainage
  • Gravity drains
  • Driveway drains
  • Retention tanks
  • Redirecting roof water grading

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