Basement Services for Evanston, IL

The beautiful community of Evanston is just a short drive from downtown Chicago. It’s also home to several pristine communities off of Lake Michigan and world class Northwestern University. As such a beautiful area to live, you want to keep your home just as pristine as the area around it. To do that, you need to make sure and and safeguard the property and its foundation. Problems with the foundation will have lasting effects on ever other aspect of the house. Thankfully, the team at Reliable Basement Service is here to help you with your home foundation, waterproofing and yard drainage needs.


Foundation Inspections and Repairs

Whether you’re moving into a new home or currently own one, having the foundation inspected is a must. While some foundation problems are easy to identify, there are some you may not be able to identify. With Reliable Basement Service, all foundation problems are identified and repairs made. From crack repairs to foundation underpinning and wall bracing, every foundation problem is different as every house is different. Reliable Basement Service will address the unique situation and correct it accordingly.


Yard Drainage

Even if your foundation checks out, yard drainage is a major concern. Problems with how water flows on your property is often a leading cause behind foundation issues and non-plumbing basement leaking. Reliable Basement Service can help with that. It might be as simple as some landscaping adjustments. Sump pumps are excellent for homes that see heavy water flow, home updates like window wells, drainage systems, exterior tiling or other basement windows can help with controlling water movement away from your property.


Crawl Space

Your crawl space is not often seen in regular light. In fact, you may not see it at all outside of packing up and pulling out holiday decorations. However, if your crawl space develops wet spots, floods or shows signs of cracks in the foundation, you need to have it corrected and restored promptly.


Basement Waterproofing

Have you noticed wet spots in the wall? Perhaps there is a damp smell that lingers in the basement. This often is a sign of moisture coming in from the outside. Reliable Basement Service provides comprehensive waterproofing services for your Evanston home. This includes everything from exterior waterproofing membranes to interior and exterior drain tile installations, battery back up installation for your sump pumps, and additional fortifications with wall bracing and foundation underpinning.

Reliable Basement Service is here to work with you and your Evanston home. The community is beautiful, not to mention one of the most sought after residential areas of the entire state. So if you have foundation repair, waterproofing or yard drainage needs, make sure to reach out and contact the pros of Reliable Basement Service today.