Yard Drainage

Professional Care for Your Yard

Your yard is an important line of defense that protects your home from structural issues and basement flooding. If your yard is properly cared for, you’ll have less risk of flooding. However, eliminating this risk altogether is often not possible. When many subdivisions were created, the codes were very different. They didn’t take proper subdivision drainage into consideration. Many homeowners installed berms, gardens, or structures in subdivision drainage paths, which often led to flooding over time.

Reliable Basement Services can help by installing yard drainage! We can install French drain systems, burying gutter downspouts, and sump pump discharges. Many cities and townships connect our basement drainage solutions to stormwater sewer systems. However, if you don’t live in a community like this, you can still choose one of our many options for proper water runoff.

Before we get to work installing yard drainage, Reliable Basement Services makes a plan. We take the grading of your property and where the water will be drained into consideration. We’ll also make sure that we will not be negatively impacting your neighbor’s property. Ultimately, we want to divert water away from your foundation and eliminate any standing water on your property.

If you have stagnant yard water, you’re just creating a breeding ground for mosquitos. If groundwater accumulates in your lawn, it could seep into your basement or foundation and cause damaging erosion.

Reliable Basement Services can solve this problem! Our Chicago-based waterproofing company can protect your home by installing sump pump yard drainage systems including but not limited to:

Installing French Drain Systems

This drain sump pump yard drainage system intercepts water and diverts it to a location where it can actually be used. A French drain is a ditch in the ground that has been inset with a perforated PVC pipe and is surrounded with a layer of gravel. The pipe funnels storm water away from your house and deposits that water far away from it, such as in a storm drain, swale, creek, or drywell tank.

Years ago, farmers used a similar process to drain the water that prevented them from planting their crops. These farmers dug trenches with a consistent pitch to creeks or river beds. They filled these trenches with river rock or gravel, which would then allow the water to drain off.

Installing Drywall

If your yard does not allow for the proper runoff, we can install a drywell system that will give the water a place to go. A drywell is an underground installation that will effectively deter stormwater and surface runoff from getting to your basement. It does this by slowly absorbing the unwanted water through a porous chamber. This is similar to how a French drain functions, but the drywell has a cover, unlike the French drain.

Burying Downspout Gutters

In order to maintain a healthy basement, you must have clean gutters that drain away from your home. If you let your gutter downspouts drain freely beside your house, they will eventually cause serious damage, including flooding your space or basement or causing serious structural issues over time.

Reliable Basement Services will make sure you never have to deal with this problem. We bury your gutter downspouts to divert water away from your home. We’ll ensure that it will discharge at least 10 to 15 feet away from your home’s foundation. We also make sure that on the area where the water discharges, the ground is pitched away from your home.

If you’ve ever had a clogged gutter, you know the negative impact it can have on your home. And if your downspouts are not properly installed, water will run right back to the base of your house. If there’s enough water, it can cause the soil around and below your foundation to erode. Even if you carefully placed your downspouts, you could still have problems. Since downspouts are so light, the slightest wind can displace it without you ever even realizing it.

Burying Sump Pump Discharge

This means we bury the sump pump line and connect it to a place it can safely dispose of the water. This is usually downhill and always away from your foundation. Without a sump pump discharge line, your sump pump will easily get clogged and will stop operating properly. By burying the sump pump discharge line, you won’t have an ugly and hazardous object in your yard.

We encourage you to speak with our team, because every yard is different, and none of these basement drainage solutions will work with every home. Our team will let you know which basement drainage solution will best protect your home. If you have excess water in your yard, act immediately to get the correct sump pump yard drainage system before the water has devastating effects.

Reliable Basement Services offers free inspections and detailed written estimates that give you a clear picture of what is needed to fix the problems we encounter. We are experts at installing yard drainage. You can trust our team of professionals to get the job done right! Call us today at 630-777-0539 for more information.