Yard Drainage

Professional Care for Your Yard

Your yard plays an important role in protecting your home from structural issues, and or basement flooding. A properly graded yard is a great start in minimizing drainage problems and preventing more serious flooding conditions, however much of the time this is not possible. When many subdivisions were created the codes were much different, not taking in consideration proper subdivision drainage, or many homeowners created the issues over time by installing berms, gardens, or structures in subdivision drainage paths. Reliable Basement Services can help by installing French drain systems, burying gutter downspouts, and sump pump discharges. Many cities, and townships allow connecting our drainage systems to storm water sewer systems, if this is not the case in your community, we have many options for proper water runoff. When creating a plan, Reliable Basement Services considers the grading of your property, where to drain water to, and making sure we are not creating a negative impact on your neighbor’s property. The ultimate goal is to divert water away from your foundation, make sure there is no standing water on your property, and provide a solution so the drainage system does not cause issues for your neighbors. Stagnant yard water can become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes. If ground water accumulates in your lawn, erosion could damage your home by seeping into the basement or foundation. At Reliable Basement Services, we have the solution for you! Our Chicago basement waterproofing company can protect your home by installing yard drainage systems including but not limited to:

Burying Gutter Downspouts

The first step to a dry and healthy basement is having clean gutters, and having them drain away from your home. Gutter downspouts that drain freely beside your house can cause serious damage, including flooding your crawl space or basement, and causing serious structural issues over time. To avoid these problems, Reliable Basement Services will bury your gutter downspouts diverting the water away from your home. The key is… discharging the water a minimum of 10’ – 15’ away from your foundation, and making sure where the water discharges, the ground is pitched away from your home. If you have ever had an over clogged gutter, you know how it can have a negative affect on your home. Downspouts that are not properly installed allow the water to run back to the base of your home. Enough water could eventually cause the soil around and below the foundation erode. Even homeowners that are very meticulous about how they angle their downspout can have problems. Downspouts are not very heavy, so the slightest wind or detrimental weather can misplace the downspout without you even realizing it.

French Drain Systems

The easiest way to explain a French drain is… it’s a ditch in the ground, inset with a perforated PVC pipe surrounded in a layer of gravel. That pipe ultimately funnels storm water away from where you don’t want it, and deposits that water in a more desirable place, such as a storm drain, swale, creek, or drywell tank. Years ago, farmers used this process (minus the PVC pipe) to drain farm fields that held water, preventing them from planting their crops. They would dig trenches with a consistent pitch to creeks, or river beds, then fill those trenches with river rock, or gravel, allowing the water to drain off. Every yard is different, which is why it is important to speak with our team of professionals to determine what solution can best protect your home! Excess water in your yard can be devastating to your home, so don't delay in having the correct drainage system installed in your yard.

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