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Yard Drainage Frequently Asked Questions

At Reliable Basement Services, our team is here to deliver top-notch yard drainage solutions to home and business owners throughout the Naperville, IL area. If you find yourself having questions about your yard’s drainage system, or whether you’d benefit from a French drain installation, keep reading. Our team has taken the time to put together a comprehensive FAQ, so you can have all your inquiries addressed in one convenient place. We strive to be the region’s premier resource and provider when it comes to yard drainage, so call us today for more information.

If you notice pools of water collecting all over your property’s lawn, especially after periods of heavy rainfall, you are likely experiencing a drainage system failure. It is also possible that your yard is set up with a drainage system that is unable to address the specific needs of your unique property. Stagnant, standing water on your lawn is no friend to you, and it’s always best to call on our professional team when experiencing this type of drainage issue at your home or business.

Luckily, it’s easy to tell if your property’s drainage system has an issue. Though this is never a fun situation to uncover, understanding the warning signs can help in addressing the problem. Some clear indicators that you’re experiencing drain system failure at your property include the following:

  • Puddles and pools of water
  • Water-saturated soil
  • Yard erosion

You can! In fact, it’s very likely that you will eventually see yard drainage issues make their way into your home or business. Excess water buildup around your home’s foundation can make its way into your building’s crawl space or basement. Since bacteria, mold, and mildew all thrive in a dark and moist environment, improperly drained yard water can wreak havoc on the interior sub levels of your property. This unwanted water infiltration will likely show more signs over time, such as:

  • Wet crawl space or basement
  • Musty smells
  • Salt deposits on walls
  • Foundation/structural damage
  • Building exhibits a slanted appearance
  • Warped or rotted floors, walls, and ceiling

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for yard drainage. Since each yard and its specific issues are unique, our team will need to visit your property to look at the extent of the issue and devise a sustainable plan. We will look at the amount of precipitation in your property’s area, the nature of the problem, as well as degree of water damage. We will do our best to find the best drainage solution for your needs and budget. If yard drainage customizations need to be made, we’re the team for the job.

At Reliable Basement Services, our Chicago-based waterproofing company can protect your yard by installing a sump pump and yard drainage systems. Our most popular and time-tested drainage systems include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • French Drain Systems
  • Drywells
  • Buried Gutter Downspouts
  • Drainage Swales
  • Buried Sump Pump Discharges
  • Connecting Systems to Storm Sewers

French drains are the most popular yard drainage systems on the market. French drain installation is our specialty, as we work with these systems frequently to solve property drainage issues. These systems are installed by digging out a trench and placing a PVC pipe inside of it. To prevent loose soil and debris from entering the drain, gravel wrapped in the fabric is placed over the trench to cover it. The French drain pipe in the ground will then be able to channel water away from your commercial or residential building’s foundation to prevent pooling or sub-level infiltration.

French drains are most beneficial for crawl space, basement, and foundation leaks, as they can be installed along the perimeter of your property, keeping your foundation protected and dry. Additional benefits that come along with French drain installation include the following:

  • Since they are installed completely underground, this drain type won’t interfere with your yard’s landscaping.
  • French drains are efficient at redirecting large quantities of water runoff from downspouts, gutters, and roofs away from the foundation to avoid damage.
  • French drains are great for relieving excess ground pressure when installed behind retention walls.
  • Highly capable of handling mild to moderate standing water on your property.

A drywell is a large holding tank that can be used to hold stormwater when other options are unavailable. Drywells are perforated (contain small holes) and are surrounded by several feet of gravel to let the water naturally seep back into the ground during periods of less precipitation. The great thing about this system is that there is little to no maintenance involved once we have completed the installation. However, it is crucial to remember that drywells do have a capacity. Whatever your drywell is connected to, make sure it does not produce more water than the tank can hold. The water will still need to go somewhere and can ultimately cause damage to your property. Our team will help you determine if a drywell is a good solution for your property and how to choose an appropriately sized system to meet your needs.

We get this question from confused customers a lot. Though it may not seem necessary, our experience has shown us time and time again that in order to maintain a dry, healthy basement, you must have clean gutters that drain away from your building. If you allow your gutter downspouts to simply drain freely beside your property, the damage is bound to happen eventually. Reliable Basement Services will make sure you don’t have to deal with runoff flooding by burying your gutter downspouts to divert water away from your commercial or residential building. We’ll ensure that it will discharge at least 10 to 15 feet away from your home’s foundation for your peace of mind.

A drainage swale is a shallow, broad, and vegetated channel designed to store or convey runoff water as well as efficiently remove harmful pollutants from a property. A swale’s main goal is to carry water to a place where it can be released safely, such as a dry well or even a garden bed that is far away from the perimeter of your property.

At Reliable Basement Services, our yard drainage projects start at the cost-effective price of $800. In Chicagoland, the average yard drainage job will cost you about $2,438. Unlike many of our competitors, we never upsell and deliver the most budget-friendly drainage services possible. Our yard drainage jobs typically never surpass $2,113. This means that many of our Chicago neighbors are paying $325 (almost 14%) more than the industry average for our area! We’ll help save you money and give the best service in the area.

Our team offers professional care for your yard! We are proud to provide free inspections and detailed written estimates that give you a clear picture of what is needed to fix any issues we encounter. We have years of experience handling yard drainage diagnostics and installations so you can rest easy knowing your residential or commercial property is in good hands. We’re known around the Chicago area for getting the job done right on the first try. And you’ll never catch us trying to implement a one-size-fits-all solution for your yard drainage issues. We encourage you to speak with our team because every yard is different. What works for one property certainly shouldn’t be expected to work for the next, and we take this into account with each job we take on. Our team will assess your unique issue and let you know which basement drainage solution will best protect your property.

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If you’re concerned about standing water in your Chicago, IL lawn, be sure to reach out to the Reliable Basement Services team right away. Don’t let these puddles of stagnant water have a chance to infiltrate your building or wreak havoc on your landscape. We have the French drain pipes, sump pumps, dry wells, swales, and more to help rectify the situation quickly and affordably. If you have additional yard drainage questions that were not answered on this page, be sure to give our team a call. Our professional team has years of experience helping property owners just like you overcome even the most complex yard drainage issues. We look forward to extending the same exemplary services to you by helping you choose the best drainage system for your property’s lawn.

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