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Water problems in the basement are inconvenient and frustrating. You need a solution to solve the issue once and for all! A drain tile system could be the answer to your troubles. There’s just one final decision to make—will you install an interior or exterior drain tile system? Compare the two to help you decide which option better suits your needs.

Interior Drain Tile

An interior drain tile system involves installing perforated pipes along the floor just inside the footing to redirect water to a sump pump. The pipes are surrounded by washed gravel and covered with filter paper and drain trip. Once the installation is complete, the crew re-pours the concrete and cleans the basement.

Pros of interior drain tile
  • Complete solution: Interior drain tile captures rising groundwater, relieves hydrostatic pressure, and prevents concrete wall seepage. Therefore, no other waterproofing methods are needed in many cases.
  • No exterior excavation required: The system is relatively quick and easy to install. With no need to dig up your yard, the installation can also take place any time of year.
  • Low cost: Interior drain tile systems cost less than their exterior counterparts.
Cons of interior drain tile
  • Impractical for finished basements: The need to remove existing concrete could make interior drain tile less feasible if you have a finished basement.
  • Limited accessibility during installation: You won’t be able to use your basement while the crew is installing the interior drain system.
  • Less comprehensive for brick and stone foundations: Water permeation may still occur with masonry foundations unless you also install an exterior sealant.
Exterior Drain Tile

Also known as a footing drain, an exterior drain tile system surrounds the outside of the foundation to collect subsurface water and redirect it away from your home. Because the installation requires excavating around the foundation, exterior drain tile is usually installed during construction or alongside other repair or renovation projects.

Pros of exterior drain tile
  • Soil drainage and exterior sealant in one: This solution helps relieve lateral water pressure against the foundation. It also provides the perfect chance to install an exterior waterproofing membrane, which is especially beneficial for masonry foundations.
  • No interior preparation or disruption: Continue using your basement like normal during the installation process. With no sump pump required, zero indoor construction will take place.
Cons of exterior drain tile
  • Excavation is expensive and messy: The need to dig around your house increases the cost and length of the project. It also disrupts the exterior and may require you to redo your landscape.

At Reliable Basement Services, we offer interior and exterior drain tile systems, both of which come with a lifetime transferrable warranty. We’ll help you choose between the two and suggest other basement waterproofing solutions as needed. Contact us today at (630) 318-4888 to learn more or to request a free estimate!

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