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Waterproofing Your Basement Is a Long Term Investment – Here’s Why You Should Consider It.

Whether your basement is a games room or a spot to merely stash away all the things you don’t use, it is important to note that it is more than just a basement – it’s your home’s foundation. More than often, water issues in your basement can dramatically affect the integrity of the foundation in your home. On the other hand, as homeowners, we really don’t want to deal with the damage water can cause to our precious belongings in the basement. For those of you who are still contemplating if basement waterproofing is worth the investment, here are a few reasons why you should stop thinking and pick up the phone right now:

Protects Your Valuables

For the majority of homes, the primary storage area is in the basement. The objects stored here are often high-value items and have a lot of emotional value for your family. However, when water seeps in, it doesn’t care what’s in the way. It can spread quickly and cause damage instantly upon contact. Especially if you have stocked wooden furniture or other wooden items in your basement, you should consider waterproofing today.

Eliminates Moisture

The chances of mold and fungal growth in your basement are directly proportional to the amount of humidity inside. Growing humidity in room temperature environments creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow. Not only does it feed on wooden walls, flooring, and all other wooden items, it can also lead to eye irritation, coughing, and allergies.

Protects the Foundation of Your Home

If you notice cracks and prominent splits in the concrete floors, pillars, and walls in your basement, unfortunately, you might be dealing with foundation damage. Although the chipping of concrete walls is a relatively easy fix, it is a definite indicator of water damage. If you notice brown spots around cracks, this could be due to water pushing the cracks and leaving behind mineral deposits. Also called acid damage, over time, this can weaken the structural integrity of the foundation and consequently, your home.

Avoids Allergies and Respiratory Problems

Dust mites multiply rapidly in high humidity environments and soft surfaces like cushions and beds. They are also recognized as the leading cause of upper respiratory tract problems and allergies. If you are dealing with basement leaks, the water will eventually need to go somewhere. As the water evaporates, it gets up in the rest of your home, leading to high humidity. This means your home is attracting pests, insects, and fungi that love moist environments.

Reduces Energy Costs

The high humidity caused by a leaky basement isn’t just bad for your health, but might also show up on your energy bill. As a general rule, it takes more power to cool down humid environments. The humidity coming from your basement could be adding another 10% to your monthly energy bill.

Boosts Your Homes Market Value

If all of these aren’t reasons enough to call over professional basement waterproofing services, this is: it adds a lot of value to your home. An appropriately waterproofed basement can be remodeled into media rooms and living or game rooms. Once your home is waterproofed, it will come off as an important benefit to buyers. Get in touch with Reliable Basement Services today for a free estimate and experienced reliable staff. 630-621-9980

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