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Summer is around the corner. With summer we have many great things that accompany it: vacations, warm weather, picnics, sitting by the pool, all kinds of outdoor activities, etc…However, what you might not know about summer is the fact that the drier weather and no rain can be harmful to your foundation. During the summer the weather becomes a lot drier and rains are less frequent, which in turn makes the ground outside of your foundation dry as well.

This dry ground can start to pull away from your foundation making it very vulnerable. Your foundation can begin to shift and settle because less pressure is being put on it by the ground outside. You may start to see more vertical cracks forming on your walls or you may see existing cracks become bigger. This issue can easily be fixed and should be because once it starts to rain again then these cracks WILL leak. You may also start to notice a more severe issue.

If drywall in your home starts to crack or windows and doors start to get sticky then the issue is very SEVERE and you should call Reliable Basement Services immediately. This means that your home is settling in a way that could affect your whole home and calls for immediate attention.

So please enjoy your summer but keep a close eye on that foundation of yours. It’s the most important part of your home!!! Call us at (630)621-9980 for more information and a free estimate/inspection. Have a great SUMMER!

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