Basement Services for Woodridge, IL

Hopefully you enjoy pizza and beer, because Woodridge is home to both Pabst Brewing Company and Home Run Inn Pizzeria. Alright, it’s perfectly fine if you’re not a fan, but as major employers for the community it is great to recognize the impact each play on the community. Whether you work for one of the two businesses or you simply call Woodridge home, make sure you take care of your house, the property and its foundation. There are so many different ways your foundation can experience problems, you need to do what you can to protect it. This is possible with the help of Reliable Basement Service.

Waterproof Your Basement

The right waterproofing technique for your home may be different from the next person. It really just depends on what’s causing moisture problems with your home. Drains for window wells and French drains for both the interior and exterior of the property go a long way. So too do exterior waterproofing membranes. Plus, if you have moisture coming in through windows, you should consider egress window installation.

Crawl Space Servicing

Did you know your basement’s crawl space is a window into the overall quality of your foundation and basement? Without all the paint and other cosmetic issues, there is a clear line of site to your foundation wall and the basement itself. This way, if you need crack repairs or assistance waterproofing, Reliable Basement Service will discover it.

Foundation Repairs

There are all kinds of different foundation repair services offered by Reliable Basement Service. Crack repairs is the most common and is used to fill in current cracks (both in the basement and on the outside of the building) while offering moisture protection for the interior of your home.  In other situations, you might need some services such as wall bracing or foundation underpinning.

Yard Drainage Servicing

You want to keep moisture away from your home. Staying on top of cleaning your gutters is important (one of the reasons is it’s important for your roof as well). Some landscaping services can help with water flow on your property, but in many cases, the installation of sump pumps is your best course of action. Should you live in an area that is at greater risk of flooding, you need to consider a battery back up system as well.

Reliable Basement Service is a leading service provider in the Woodridge community when it comes to basement and foundation servicing. So whether you’re interested in peace of mind to know what’s causing issues or you’d like a an on-property inspection prior to buying a house, Reliable Basement Service needs to be your go-to Woodridge service provider.