Basement Services for Wheaton, IL

Perched along the shore of Lake Michigan, Wheaton is a truly beautiful community. There’s a reason why you’ve decided to call it home, so why not make the best of your current home by taking care of it? The foundation and basement are two crucial areas that might not be as exciting as you’d like, but both need to be properly taken care of. Failure to take care of these areas of the home and you might end up with tens of thousands of dollars of structural damage. Reliable Basement Service is here to help make sure you always have a strong, well put together basement and foundation.

Wheaton Foundation Repairs

Most homes have basements in the community. This is great for many different reasons, but basements can also lead to foundation problems. Stay on top of these problems by taking advantage of crack repairs. In more extreme situations, you might need wall bracing or foundation underpinning. Whatever your home needs, when it comes to the foundation, it’s always better to take care of it now rather than later.

Crawl Space Inspections

Of course, with the basement likely comes a crawl space. This is great for storing the holiday decorations and other items you’d like to shove away for most of the year. The crawl space also gives a clear indicator as to if there are potential problems with the foundation. Cracks appear here first because of the lack of cosmetic upgrades (or even paint). Reliable Basement Service can come in, correct the cracks and take care of any moisture problems as well.

Basement Waterproofing in Wheaton

How do you keep your basement dry? Depends on what’s making it wet. If moisture in the lawn is a problem, an exterior waterproofing membrane may be the solution. On the other hand, if water leaks in through the windows, window well drains give you additional control. Egress window installation might also be something to consider to give a thicker protective layer against moisture.

Reliable Basement Service might also suggest exterior and interior French drains as well as new tiles laid down.

Control Yard Drainage

If you want to really control moisture coming in contact with your property, you need to control moisture on the lawn. Do this with sump pumps and backup battery systems.

If you are just moving to the community, welcome to Wheaton! If you’ve called Wheaton home for years, the community is glad to have you! No matter how long you’ve been here, it is important to take care of the house you call home. By taking care of your foundation and the basement, you’ll avoid costly damage later on down the road. So correct what needs to be corrected and remain proactive by contacting Reliable Basement Service today.