South Holland

Basement Services for South Holland, IL

Named for the region of South Holland, the Chicago suburb community is just as beautiful. While it’s up to you whether you plant the same kind of tulips as Holland, you’ll want to protect your home’s foundation, regardless of flowers and plant life. Cracks in the foundation and leaking moisture into the basement are serious problems that can, if not taken care of, lead to tens of thousands of dollars with of damage. That is why you need to bring in the team at Reliable Basement Service to have your property inspected and any issues corrected.

Repairs to Your Foundation

Don’t let problems with the foundation go without being corrected. Cracks in the foundation can lead to much more serious problems. Crack repairs will fill in the cracks and prevent moisture from pushing into the home. Now, if you have more serious situations, you may need to take advantage of the wall bracing and foundation underpinning services provided.

Maintain Yard Drainage

You need to control the water drainage of your property. There are a few different ways to do this, including with some landscaping tips, but sump pumps along with a battery back up system will keep your property dry and the moisture pumped out to a different area of your yard.

Waterproofing the Basement

Taking the necessary precautions to waterproofing your basement is a must. If you’re in a high flow area, exterior waterproofing membranes can help give your house an additional protective layer. In other situations, you may want to utilize drains within your window wells and even egress window installation, if you have problems with moisture seeping in through the windows.

Every property is a bit different, and Reliable Basement Service can assist with the right waterproofing services.

Crawl Space Servicing

One of the great features on many homes found in South Holland is the crawl space under the basement stairs. This is a great storage area, but it also demonstrates early signs of foundation problems and leaks in the basement. It is highly recommended for you to routinely inspect your crawl space. But don’t worry, no matter the last time you were in the crawl space, Reliable Basement Service will look over the area and make any necessary improvements.

In South Holland, you need to take care of your basement and the foundation. Reliable Basement Service is here to help you with that. So from an on-property inspection to offered repair services, turn to the team that is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but a team that’s been working in the community for years.