Basement Services for Shorewood, IL

The small village of Shorewood is a beautiful community to call home, raise a family and just enjoy life. However, what you won’t enjoy is a costly foundation repair. If you don’t stay on top of your foundation, you may end up paying tens of thousands of dollars on fixing these problems. Reliable Basement Service wants to make sure you never have to do this. So give the professional Shorewood company a call today to see how it can help you avoid these expensive repairs.

Fix Your Foundation

Problems with the foundation arise in so many different ways. Regardless of the cause, you need to fix the problem and then look towards the solution. If you have a crack, either in the basement or on the outside of your home, you can utilize the crack repair services offered for your cement foundation. In other instances, if the foundation has shifted, you’ll need to take advantage of the wall bracing and foundation underpinning services offered by Reliable Basement Service.

Yard Drainage

Every home is unique, but most homes experience foundation problems because of drainage issues in their house. How do you control these foundation problems? With sump pumps. Sump pumps pull moisture out of the ground and direct it to another area of the property. If you live in higher risk of flooding areas you should also consider a back up battery, as this can kick in should your home ever lose power.

Crawl Space Corrections

Did you know the crawl space offers a window into the health of your foundation? Because you don’t have any paint or other cosmetic upgrades on the crawl space wall, it’s easier to spot problems here. So Reliable Basement Service will inspect the crawl space and make all necessary fixes.

Waterproof Your Basement

Does your basement smell musty? Maybe you see wet spots on the wall from time to time. Whatever it is, if you notice these issues you need to waterproof your basement. Exterior waterproofing membranes can help add that extra layer of protection your foundation needs. If leaks come from your windows you should consider drains in the window wells or even egress window installation. Plus, interior or exterior French drains will improve water flow throughout your property.

From taking care of your basement to fixing foundation issues, it is extremely important for you to handle your foundation before it turns into something far more substantial. Reliable Basement Service can help you out with this, so whether you just moved into a home, are considering a house purchase or have lived in your current home for some time, now is the right time to look into your foundation and give Reliable Basement Service a call.