River Grove

Basement Services for River Grove, IL

If you live in the small village of River Grove, you likely enjoy the tranquil aspect of it while still remaining close to Chicago. Now, as you live in River Grove, you need to stay on top of repairs around the house. One of the biggest problems you might encounter as a home owner is a problem with the foundation. Foundation issues, when not addressed quickly, can result in major structure problems with your house and, in the long run, cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. With the help of Reliable Basement Service, you have professionals at your disposal who can assist you in not only finding the problem areas, but also restoring the issues at the same time.

Controlling Yard Drainage

You want to keep moisture away from the house. Moisture can prove extremely dangerous to the soil around the house and the foundation itself. As soil erodes and moves, it will lead to a shift in weight displacement, which causes your foundation to shift and crack. One of the best ways to control yard drainage is to install sump pumps.

If you are in a higher risk area and always seem to have moisture around, you might want to consider the installation of a battery back up. This can protect your home even when the power is knocked out.

Waterproofing Your Basement

Have you seen wet spots in your basement? Perhaps it smells a bit like mold when you walk downstairs? If so, you need to waterproof your basement. If you live in a higher risk area for moisture exposure, an exterior waterproofing membrane will give you an added layer of protection.

What happens if water comes in through the windows? Drains installed into window wells helps address this concern. You might also want to utilize egress window installation as well.

Added interior or exterior drains and surrounding tile may be a viable option to look into as well.

Crawl Space Fixes

Did you know your crawl space is an excellent window into the state of your foundation? Because there are no cosmetic upgrades to the crawl space it is easier to identify wet spots and cracks, both of which Reliable Basement Service repairs.

Foundation Repairs

So what happens if you do identify cracks in the foundation? Crack repairs can correct this issue. And if your foundation has already started to shift, wall bracing and foundation underpinning can help correct this issue as well.

Foundation repair and basement waterproofing are two areas around the house you need to take seriously. Reliable Basement Service offers a host of different waterproofing and foundation repair methods, so the right corrective method may just depend on the current issue you’re experiencing. Whatever the cause or the solution, make sure you give Reliable Basement Service a call to work on your River Grove home today.