Basement Services for Niles, IL

Reliable Basement Service is here to work with you at your Niles, Illinois home. As it is a truly beautiful place to live you want to make sure your home remains just as beautiful as well. However, often times the out of sight, out of mind issues are what cause the largest problems. This includes cracks in the foundation and leaks in the basement. Whatever the issues might be, if you’re in need of crack repairs, sump pump installation or more extensive basement waterproofing, the team at Reliable Basement Service is here to help you every step of the way.


Foundation Repairs

Have you noticed cracks in your basement wall? Perhaps you’ve even seen some cracks on the exterior of your home. These cracks can appear not only in the cement foundation but in brick as well. These cracks are areas you need to correct quickly as even the most basic crack in the foundation can lead to much more serious problems. Reliable Basement Service is here to help you with your foundation crack repairs.


Yard Drainage

One of the top reasons why foundation problems occur is because of constant moisture on your property. Moisture will erode the soil around your home, causing the foundation to shift. It can also lead to cracks and other problems as well. There are a few different ways you can control drainage on your property, so it may just depend on what an inspection indicates. However, sump pumps is a great way to help with this issue as it pulls moisture out of the ground and pumps it to a different location. If you are in constant need of sump pumps, battery back up systems can help so your sump pump works even if the power goes out.


Basement Waterproofing

There are all sorts of basement waterproofing services available through Reliable Basement Service. If your home is in constant danger of extended moisture exposure you may want to consider an exterior waterproofing membrane, which is an added layer that goes around the foundation. If you have drainage problems around the window wells, new drains installed here can help. Interior and exterior French drains help with this as well. If your current windows leak you might also want to consider egress window installation.


Crawl Space Servicing

Have you noticed wet spots in the crawl space? Perhaps it smells like mildew. Whatever the cause, Reliable Basement Service is here to help.

If you have noticed an issue with the foundation of your Niles home, or perhaps you’re just moving in and want to have the basement and foundation inspected, Reliable Basement Service is here for you. So now is the perfect time to give the team at Reliable Basement Service a call today.