Basement Services for Lansing, IL

Just shy of the Chicago city limits, Lansing offers excellent and affordable housing for the region. Whether you’re considering a move into a new home or you already own a home, having your property and foundation inspected is a must. Failure to identify foundation problems early on will develop into much more serious situations and structural integrity problems. That is where Reliable Basement Service comes in. The team here can come in, inspect the property and make the necessary recommendations and repairs to ensure your property’s foundation is as strong and well taken care of as possible.

Foundation Repairs

Have you noticed cracks in the foundation? Perhaps these cracks have shown up in the basement or you’ve noticed these cracks on the exterior of the house. Wherever the cracks are, you need to have these taken care of. Crack repairs fill in the damaged area and prevent moisture from seeping into the house. In cases of more extreme foundation problems, wall bracing and foundation underpinning will help prevent any further shifting of the foundation.

Yard Drainage Services

You need to keep water away from the house. This is one of the top reasons as to why homes experience foundation issues. Sump pumps will extract water from the soil and pump it to a different location on the property. Reliable Basement Service may also recommend certain landscaping adjustments in order to prevent water flow from remaining in contact with your house.

Basement Waterproofing

The last thing you want is moisture building up in your basement. This leads to not only damage within the basement, but the growth of mold, which may cause health problems. The right basement waterproofing technique for your house will vary based on the current setup and what might be causing problems. If water is coming in through structural areas of the house (such as windows), adding drains to window wells might prove necessary. You might even want to consider egress window installation.

Crawl Space

If you have a crawl space in the basement, this is an area that often doesn’t see much traffic. However, because of this lack of traffic, problems can fester for longer. Reliable Basement Service will inspect the crawl space and look for possible foundation cracks and wet spots. Correcting these issues is a top priority in order to help avoid further damage.

If you have any concerns, questions or are ready to take care of your property, Reliable Basement Service is here for you and your house. So give the team a call and set up a home and property inspection today.