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Leaking walls and floors causing water issues in existing basements is a very common problem. They are often misinterpreted and not treated correctly, which in time will lead to more hazards for your home and family. They will eventually lead to major foundation malfunctions and could cause a loss in your property value. In many cases, your family may experience health issues caused by the mold and mildew that is trapped in your walls and floors.

Keep in mind that 40 to 50% of the air you breathe upstairs originates in your basement. When furnishing a basement area, if these issues are not addressed properly, you are most likely wasting your time and money. Waterproofing your basement is a very good investment and excellent insurance against future problems. We are your interior drainage Illinois provider.

Why Interior Drainage Systems?

Interior Drainage Systems are one of the most important aspects of residential waterproofing. For this reason, they need to be installed correctly the first time. In most cases, installing an interior drainage system is a substantially less expensive solution than exterior waterproofing. It is also less invasive and will not disturb any of your outside landscaping and plantings.

It will handle the flooding and water on your basement floor. You may also need a wall vapor barrier if you have cracking basement walls that is allowing water to seep in above the floor level. In some cases, if the cracking is significant, the foundation walls may need to be dug out and sealed from the outside to stop dirt and mud from permeating through them. Keep in mind, installing an interior drainage system will relieve excess water that is under and around your foundation and keep it from entering your basement.

If you want a dry basement and a sound foundation, you must have an adequate foundation drainage system. Our interior drainage systems work extremely well and provide an effective solution to a wet basement problem. Call Reliable Basement Services for a free estimate (630)621-9980.

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