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Getting crawl space encapsulation can be one of the most important and beneficial decisions you make for your home. The crawl space is a small open area under the house that is mainly used for storage and easy access to the plumbing. The ground is usually not covered, so the dirt is considered the crawl space’s floor. What you may not know is that forty percent of the air that you, your family, and your friends breathe on the first floor of your home is circulated from the crawl space.

That means that if your crawl space is buggy, moldy, and filled with airborne bacteria, that is being circulated into the air you breathe and it then enters your lungs. That is pretty disgusting to think about. People that have respiratory problems, allergies, or asthma are susceptible more than most to these effects, and it can be a nightmare for them. Thankfully, there is a way to eradicate all of these issues. That is the process of crawl space encapsulation. Basically, getting your crawl space encapsulated is kind of like putting a shield around the space itself. It helps regulate the airflow, keeping bad air out and good air coming in.

Crawl Space Encapsulation: The Process

There are a few steps that professionals who encapsulate crawl spaces follow to make sure the job is done right:

  • The first step, if it already has not been done, is to remove all of the organic matter inside the crawl space such as wood planks, paint cans, etc. These need to be removed so the encapsulation material can sit flush with the floor.
  • secondly, if the homeowner has a waterproofing issue, drain tile can be applied around the perimeter of the crawl space in a combination with a sump pump to remove the water issue. A trench is dug for the pipes and tile to sit underneath the floor and out of the way to properly expel the water.
  • A dispersal fabric is then laid on the entire floor. This disperses the soil gases and the moisture towards the perimeter of the crawl space towards the drain tile so it can be removed. It is essentially a heavy-duty vapor barrier. It also adds a cushion for storage and puts some ease on the knees if you need to go under.
  • Another liner is placed on the walls and the floor of the crawl space. It is basically a thicker vapor barrier than the first. The seams are overlapped and caulked, and then seal taped to ensure complete encapsulation.

If you try to do crawl space encapsulation on your own, you will not get the results of a properly encapsulated crawl space. To prevent any harm from a dirty and grungy crawl space, take the time to look into professional crawl space encapsulation. A healthy and happy home is only a step away. Call Reliable Basement Service for a Free Estimate 630-621-9980.

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