What is an Egress Window?

October 1, 2017 | Basement Waterproofing

A basement egress window is a means of entry/exit from the lower level of your home or business. It is large enough (as defined by local building codes) to allow a fire fighter in all their gear entry or exit through this window. In most cases, an E gress Window is paired with an Egress Well and a Window Well drain with an attached or incorporated ladder for quick and easy escape.

Where Does the Egress window go?

By code, an egress window is required in any bedroom/sleeping area of the basement. Technically, if you are only using the space for entertainment or an office, you do not need the egress window.

What size does the Basement Egress Window need to be?

These are by and large the standard requirements as set forth in the National Building Code. There may be additional items per your local municipality.

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