April 1, 2016 | Foundation Repairs

If you have a basement, then you need a Sump Pump. At Reliable Basement Services our professional staff can help you make an informed decision on the best Sump Pump and Backup System for your needs. As the ground beneath your basement becomes saturated with water, it slowly seeps into the cracks of your home’s foundation. We’ve had warmer temperatures, melting snow and rain recently, this may not be above normal but it is causing sump pumps to work extra hard in Illinois. This leads to flooding, plumbing problems, foundation damage, and extensive damage. A sump pump makes sure that water doesn’t damage your home, so be sure to call Reliable Basement Services to protect your basement today.

If you don’t want to have to go through foundation repairs, mold remediation, crawl space repair, and possibly flooding up to your ankles, knees, or higher, you’ll want to look into installing a sump pump system for your Illinois basement and other areas of your home that are low lying or have flooding problems. In our area of the country, flooding isn’t a rare occurrence and flashfloods can really take us by surprise when they deliver so much rain the ground can’t absorb it fast enough. That’s when sump pumps & backup pumps come to the rescue for a lot of homeowners.

Sump pumps are necessary for areas like the basement that are vulnerable to flooding. The basement area is below ground which makes them particularly vulnerable to moisture. Since the ground already contains moisture, your basement should be waterproofed. Either way, when flashfloods come and the ground has difficulties with absorbing and routing away the rainfall from the home’s foundation areas, it will penetrate walls, floors, or any other areas near where the foundation and ground meet.

A sump pump is simply a pumping system that pumps out water as it begins to pool. There are different types of sump pumps available and can be placed in just about any location including in your yard. Submersible sump pumps are installed within the foundation or ground areas. They have to be situated in a low lying area where the water would flow to. They are installed into a hole that is created in the concrete foundation of the home and contains a collection area for the water to collect in. The water is pumped out from there.

When you get a lot of downpour from storms, flashfloods are very dangerous, especially when your home is located in a low lying area or parts of it are. Having a sump pump system along with a backup system will ensures that your home and everyone inside (as well as all your assets) go unharmed when flood waters threaten your home. When you need to get rid of pooling water in or near your home, the sump pump is your answer. Give Reliable Basement Services a call (630) 621-9980 for a free estimate or more information on a sump pump or backup system for your home.

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