Sneaky Signs You May Have Foundation Issues

February 4, 2020 | Cracked Foundation


Sometimes, foundation problems are dramatic. Your walls might lean, your floors might slope, or you might notice a major crack. Often, though, the signs are much more insidious, and they may even look completely harmless. Here are some sneaky signs to look out for, before they become a major problem.

  • Cracks in the exterior of your home: Fine, small cracks on the exterior walls or the steps are probably nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on them, because they might be the start of something bigger. Large cracks are definitely concerning, as are cracks with a zig-zag pattern. Cracks in bricks, or bricks that protrude from the wall are a sign that you need to call in a professional as soon as possible.
  • Cracks inside your home: If the interior sheetrock has zig-zagging cracks, it’s a problem, particularly if they run nearly the entire height of the wall. Wallpaper pulling away from the wall, or cracks where the wall meets the ceiling also signify that your foundation needs help.
  • Doors and floors that seem out of whack: A door that’s not square with cracks in the ceiling above it means it’s time to call for help. Uneven floors may be a concern, if they slope more than an inch or two every 15 feet.
  • Door frames and windows that pull away from the brick: The foundation is in serious trouble if your door or window is separating from a brick wall.
  • Rottten piers and beams: These don’t always indicate a bad foundation, but they’re never a good sign. If they don’t point to foundation issues, they’re probably the result of a basement with too much moisture or an insect attack.
  • Floors that feel like a trampoline: If your floors bounce when you walk, they could be rotten. It may not be indicative of foundation trouble, but it warrants a call to a professional, so that it can be checked.
  • Cracks in your tile: Don’t panic, because many things can cause tile to crack. Still, if you see a number of cracks, it could be a sign of foundation trouble.
  • Separated expansion joints: Expansion joints allow for a little bit of movement when the house shifts. When they fail, they can damage the foundation, but if the foundation is already in trouble, it can cause the expansion joints to fail.
  • Nails that aren’t right: Nails that pop out of your drywall indicate a problem with your foundation.

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