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Window Well Installation and Drainage

Window Well Drainage

It is very common for water to accumulate in window wells. When enough water gathers inside the well large amounts of water can come through the window or window frame and pour into your basement, sometime can even break the window if the well fills up too much.Most, but not all homes are built with window well drains. Debris, such as leaves, branches, or mulch can clog the drain if left not kept clean.

We offer a many different window well drainage solutions. Attempting to caulk around windows and window frames, install glass block windows or just install a window well cover are not answers to the drainage issues.

Some times the obvious cause being fixed will solve the problem. For example gutter extensions, or addressing the root cause (the flow of water). Reliable Basement services has many effective repair methods available We have solved leaky basement window well problems in many Chicago and Chicagoland homes.

Exterior Window Well drain:

Window wells, when installed below grade on the exterior of a home, must be drained. In the absence of drainage window wells fill up with water like an aquarium. Since windows are designed to shed water (like a roof shingle) instead of being waterproof (like an aquarium), when the window wells fill, the water simply pours through the seals of the windows and into the basement. Drainage can be retrofitted either from the exterior or the interior.

Exterior window well dig:

a. Excavation is performed from the window well, right down to the drain tile. The drian tile is located below the level of the basement floor slab on the exterior
b. Drian tile test is performed to ensure that it is draining. It would be fruitless to install a window well drain pipe down to a drain tile drain that is non-functional!
c. A 4" rigid PVC drain pipe with drain grate is installed that extends from the top of the drain tile or gravel drainage layer, to approximately 4" below the hight of the window sill
d. Window well is fastened to the wall with concrete screws
e. Excavation is backfilled with native soil
f. Gravel is poured inside the window well to facilitate and filter drainage into the newly installed drain pipe

Interior window well drain:

a. Dirt in window well is excavated only to approximately 6" below level of window sill
b. 2" hole is core drilled through the foundation wall through to the exterior into window well. Core hole is drilled approximately 4" down form the level of the window sill for drainage point.
c. A 2" PVC drain pipe is installed through the core hole and is drained inside down to a sump basin
d. Penetration is sealed with hydraulic cement
e. Gravel is poured inside the window well to filter and facilitate drainage into the newly installed drian pipe

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