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The NexPump Sump Pump System


nex-pump-set-upThe best sump pump plan will include a NexPump Sump Pump System, the most failsafe system ever manufactured.

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Phone call & email notification during emergencies and also during self-diagnostic check when system detects an issue (up to 2 phones and 3 email accounts).

Calls & emails during:
• Pump activations
• Power outages
• Low battery
• Sensor errors
• Plumbing errors

Automatic self-diagnostic check 24/7 every 12 hours:
• Sensor check
• Pump check
• Battery check
• Plumbing check
• Phone line check

• Operates on electricity or 12V Battery during power loss. Hour countdown timer for batteries, and 20 AMP battery charger. (up to 2 batteries)

88 Gallons per minute at 10ft (Industry Best)

Will pump over 50,000 gallons on a single charge (Industry Best)

3 year warranty (Parts & Labor)

Dual Sensors (no sticking floats)

• Primary or backup system



  • Complete System With Two Pumps
  • Two Deep Cycle Marine Batteries
  • Two Quiet Clear Check Valves
  • System Shelf
  • 3 Year Warranty (Parts and Labor)

Are you are tired of noise stemming from your sump pump check valve? The solution is simple, " Smart" Check Valve innovative Quiet design eliminates water hammer noise. " Smart" Check Valves provide reliable back-flow prevention without the inline restriction of a coventional center poppet Check Valve. The " Smart" Check remains in the closed position to 2 PSI, opening fully when 2 PSI line pressure is exceeded. The " Smart" Check is equipped with a Spring-Loaded gate mechanisim, allowing the valve to be installed in virtually any orientation. All valves are Clear UV Stabilized PVC and come in 1-1/2" and 2" IPS Sizes, with Slip x Slip connections. Ideal for new installation or as a replacement for any sump pump system.

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