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Sinking Foundation

Every home, old and new, can experience this common structural problem. No matter where you live in the Chicagoland area, your foundation can be affected by poor soil conditions around your property. If the ground backfill or site preparation wasn’t adequate when you foundation was constructed, your home may experience foundation problems. During periods of extreme rain, extreme drought, or snowmelt, the ground can become soggy and unstable, potentially unable to support the weight of your house. In addition, trees growing too close to the house may cause roots to alter your foundation’s structure.

Is Your Foundation Sinking?
Common warning signs of a sinking foundation:

  • Interior cracks forming in drywall and around door frames
  • Exterior cracks in foundation blocks or brick walls
  • Windows and doors that stick or become difficult to open and close
  • Uneven floors and noticeable sinking of one or more sides of the home
  • Chimney is tilting or pulling away from the home
  • Cracked windows

The longer you wait to get the problem taken care of, the more likely it becomes that the structural integrity of your family’s home will be jeopardized, creating an even more costly situation.

We Can Fix Your Settling Foundation

We will assess your specific foundation needs and our professional, experienced team will stabilize your foundation and level your home. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your confidence.


Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can be caused by a number of issues, including ground moisture, soil settlement, extreme drought, and bowing walls. Other possible causes include improper construction materials or techniques when the home was constructed. Regardless of the cause, it is crucial to have any foundation cracks assessed by a trained foundation professional to determine the cause as well as the best way to repair your home’s foundation. Untreated, foundation cracks can allow water from the surrounding soil to seep inside your basement or crawl space, causing damage to anything you may have stored there while also promoting the growth of mold and mildew.

How To Fix A Cracked Foundation

Each house is different and thus each foundation is unique. Our team of foundation repair professionals will assess your unique situation, outline the causes of the problems, and carefully plan the best way to go about fixing it. We can install piers to support your foundation and level your house. Carbon fiber strips, or staples can be installed to resist excessive soil pressure. We can also fill in foundation cracks using epoxy injection techniques which will prevent seepage from allowing water inside to cause damage, and will actually weld to foundation wall back together.

Basement Floor Cracks

Cracks in the floor of a concrete basement are most likely caused by hydrostatic (exterior water) pressure in the ground around your home. Periods of heavy rain or melting snow it can affect the level of the water table. Because water is relatively heavy when compared to soil, the rising and falling of the water table creates excessive pressure. This pressure pushes in an upward direction against the bottom of the floor of the basement, which will slowly deteriorate the floor and cause cracks to appear. If the floor cracks are not repaired quickly, moisture seepage will begin during periods of higher water tables, which in turn will damage basement walls and anything you might have stored below your home. Another cause of basement floor cracking is foundation settlement, where voids form beneath your home and the basement floor loses structural support, causing the floor to weaken and for cracks to eventually form. Installing interior drain tile systems or exterior darin tile systems will also help with these issues.

How To Fix A Cracked Basement Floor

The first step to repairing a cracked basement floor is an on-site assessment of the problem. If we determine the cause is ground settlement (voids below your home) we can install our piering system which will provide support to the foundation and the basement floors. Additionally, we will fill the cracks in the floor with a water-resistant epoxy material to prevent any further seepage.

Basement Wall Cracks

Basement wall cracks are usually caused by excessive hydrostatic pressure (standing water pressure) from the surrounding soil on the exterior of your home’s foundation. Cracks can also be formed due to foundation settlement, site settlement, or from improper construction techniques during the construction of your home. Cracks in foundation and basement walls allow moisture to seep into the basement where it can cause serious damage, including wood rot and the growth of mold and mildew. During times of heavy precipitation, water can often be seen trickling down the interior of the basement wall or collecting in puddles on the basement floor.

How To Fix A Cracked Basement Wall

The first step to repairing a cracked basement wall is the determination of the exact cause of the foundation problem. If your basement walls are cracked by external hydrostatic/soil pressure, we can install carbon fiber strips which will strengthen the wall and stabilize the foundation which will prevent additional cracking or leaning. If, however, the foundation problem is caused by the settling of the ground and soil beneath your home, we will install our patented piers which will level, support and stabilize your entire home. Any existing cracks will be sealed with an epoxy injection material which will prevent future moisture seepage into your basement.

Sticking Windows & Doors

If you’ve noticed windows or doors in your home that have become difficult to open or close, that is a potential warning sign of an underlying structural problem in the foundation. If you have sticky windows and doors in your home, we encourage you to act promptly and not delay getting the problem assessed and repaired. Be delaying repairs, there is a good change for additional damage to be done to the foundation and structure of your home. In addition to sticky doors and windows, it’s very common for interior and exterior cracks to form around door and window frames.

How To Fix Windows or Doors That Are Stuck

If your doors and windows are stuck to do a larger foundation problem, we will consider repairing your foundation with a pier system. Typically this problem is caused by settling of the soil and ground around the home. This can be alleviated with a piering system which lifts, levels, and stabilizes your foundation and home. Installation is quick and the piers will shift the load of your house off of the weakened foundation and onto the pier structure.

Bowed Basement or Foundation Walls can occur as a result of soil loads pushing against the wall. Compounded with depth and other factors and the lateral forces surpass the foundation's original resistance to these loads. Over time, these factors can produce lateral bending and the foundation or basement wall becomes bowed. This condition also produces significant cracking. If left unattended this condition will worsen with time jeopardizing both the structural integrity and resale value of the property.

We can also reinforce a concrete wall that is still within tolerance at it's current condition without straightening. Historically, I-beams were used to correct a bowed wall by erecting the beams in a fashion that provides lateral concrete reinforcement. While remaining an effective method, installation can be expensive and the end result are obtrusive beams sticking out from the wall.

bowed-wallBowed basement walls can be resolved using the latest carbon-fiber technology developed by Fortress Stabilization Systems. Using carbon-fiber kevlar sheet straps in combination with specifically designed epoxies, foundations can now be repaired and arrested with little to no obtrusiveness. The repaired bowed basement wall can then be painted thereby creating an almost invisible repair, thereby increasing the resale value of your home.

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avoid-thisSoil pressure can fracture a block or concrete foundation wall, causing horizontal and vertical cracking or even bowing. The foundation must be stabilized to assure that your home will maintain its strucutral integrity, and retain its full value.

fortress-wallFortress Stabilization Systems has developed a Carbon Fiber/Kevlar grid strap that will halt any further movement of a block or concrete wall easily, safely and without any outside excavation. Our typical installation is one day for most homes.

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