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Reliable Basement Services is an award winning basement waterproofing contractor in Illinois that provides Naperville residence with best waterproofing solutions. The best way to keep your leaky basement dry is to install a drainage system on the inside perimeter of your basement. An interior drain tile system can bypass the expense and damage to your yard that is caused by an exterior drainage system. Interior drain tile systems cost half as much, installed in 1-2 days, and are installed with no need to excavate the outside of your home.

Interior Drain Tile Installation

Day 1

  1. Remove approximately 12" of concrete floor along perimeter walls.
  2. Dig trench approximately (8" – 10" deep) and pitch to sump basin.
  3. Remove and dispose of all concrete/dirt.
  4. Dig area for sump basin 30" deep (if no sump basin already existing).
  5. Install 30" deep sump basin.

Day 2

  1. Install 4" perforated PVC pipes surrounded in nylon sock (for filtering purposes).
  2. Surround PVC pipes in ¾" washed gravel.
  3. Install hydro channel plus on top of gravel.
  4. If necessary, install vapor barrier on foundation wall to soil level (optional).
  5. Install Zoeller M-98, ½ HP sump pump (if no pump existing), and sump discharge.
  6. Re-pour concrete floor
  7. Broom sweep work area and dispose of all debris.
  8. Project Complete!

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