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Exterior Drain Tile Systems

exterior-drain-tileAn exterior drain tile system is your best option if it's not pratical to waterproof a basement from the inside, due to having an already finished basement. This process starts by excavating a trench next to the foundation wall, then we apply a rubberized waterproof coating (30 year warranty) to the wall, next step we install a filtered PVC drain tile that will drain into the sump pit (pictured below). Next we backfill with 12'' of washed gravel, filter paper to help prevent dirt from clogging the drain tile, then backfill with the existing soil.

We can remove concrete or asphalt diveways, walkways or patios if necessary. In most cases we will excavate by hand to reduce damage to your landscape, and we will leave an acceptable grade tapering the soil away from the foundation.

A drain tile system is a collection of pipes installed around your foundation. The pipes are perforated to allow water to drain into them. The pipes then run the water into an interior sump pit or drained to an exterior location if possible. Homes without a drain tile system, with a clogged drain tile system, or when the drain tile is improperly installed and pitched away from the sump basin can find their crawl spaces and basements flooded.

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