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The 10 Most Common Basement Problems

The 10 Most Common Basement Problems It doesn’t matter if your basement is a simple storage area or a top-of-the-line gaming room. All basements are subject to the same problems because of their ...
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You're Basement & Efflorescence

You’re Basement Walls & Efflorescence You may not have come across the term, but it is highly likely that you’ve come across it physically. If you’ve spotted a white powdery ...
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What Is Hydrostatic Pressure?

What is Hydrostatic Pressure? We use the term “hydrostatic pressure” a lot when discussing foundation repairs and basement waterproofing in Illinois. This is another term for water ...
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We Treat Your Home Like Our Own

Is this You? We Can Help! Reliable Basement Services If basement water leakage is something you find yourself worrying about, then you should look into calling the professionals at Reliable Basement ...
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Problem Diagnosis - Illinois

/ Problem Diagnosis - ILLINOIS Reliable Basement Services is dedicated to providing professional assistance to your waterproofing and construction needs. But what if you aren’t sure what is ...
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Summers and Their Impact on Your Foundation

Summers and Their Impact on Your Foundation Most people are concerned about their basement during the spring rains or winter melt downs when water invades their home. Homeowners relax when we go ...
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Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair Do you see cracks on your basement walls? Even the finest hairline cracks can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. What is your foundation crack repair strategy? If you think ...
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Summer Flooding Problems?

Summer Flooding Problems? Summer is around the corner. With summer we have many great things that accompany it: vacations, warm weather, picnics, sitting by the pool, all kinds of outdoor activities, ...
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Springtime Thaw & Wet Basements

Springtime Thaw & Wet Basements The winter in Illinois brought some days of heavy snow and it has stayed around until recently as the temperatures have slowly started warming up. Now the snow that ...
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Signs of Foundation Damage

SIGNS OF FOUNDATION DAMAGE Reliable Basement Services understands that most people are unaware of the signs of foundation damage. We make it a point to educate home and business owners of the signs ...
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Think You Can't Waterproof Your Basement In The Winter?

Think You Can't Waterproof Your Basement In The Winter? As a homeowner braving yet another Illinois winter, you may be tempted to put off your basement waterproofing to the spring. After all, it ...
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Home Evaluation Checklist

RELIABLE BASEMENT SERVICES HOME EVALUATION CHECKLIST Your home may be the largest investment you will every make. To avoid hazardous air quality, structural damage and decreasing property values, it ...
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